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Character Creation

This is the first of six modules designed for character advancement up to 15th level. When creating your character, keep in mind that you will have plenty of room for character development over the next fifteen levels. For the first few levels, i want use core rules only. However, if you would like to use something from the Advanced Players Guide, just ask me and a will tell you if you can use it.

Characters will start at first(1st) level, building ability scores with the purchasing system using standard fantasy points; fifteen(15). With this system, you have the option of dropping an ability score to seven(7), giving you an extra four(4) points for purchasing higher scores. I’m not going to say you CAN’T do this, but you better have a DERN good reason for having a seven(7). Once your character is complete, please post it using the electronic character sheet tab. Then, i will review the character sheets and either approve or deny the character build.

There are two(2) additional rules for the game that a have decided to use (because they are cool).
1. Character Traits: PC’s are allowed to have two(2) Character Traits. see the Advanced Players Guide and the Kingmaker Player’s Guide for a list off all the traits you can have. Note that the Traits from the Kingmaker Players Guide are designed to give each player a reason for exploring the Stolen Lands.

2. Hero Points: we will be using Hero Points in the game. see the Advanced Players Guides for rules concerning Hero Points. All characters will start with one(1) Hero Point. Players who submit well developed, kingmaker canonical biography for there character with receive a bonus Hero Point.
Character Biographies

in addition to the bonus Hero Point received for a well developed character bio, the player with the best original biography will receive a small amount of bonus experience. Any other player who submits character background will receive a static XP bonus.

  • Best Bio: 100 xp
  • All Others: 60 xp

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